10 Easy Holiday Gift Ideas

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Decked halls, garland on walls – ‘tis the season of family, foods and – let’s face it – fudging last minute gifts! We are all too familiar with that last minute panic – what the heck do I buy Aunt May and little Sally-Sue? Gift buying is sometimes (or possibly always) a struggle.

That’s why Illuminessence brings to you 10 kind-on-time (and on-the-dime) gift ideas for your 2014 holiday gift-buying!

1. Make your own gin kit

Because who wouldn’t want to be a self-proclaimed gin-making machine?

gin kit

2. Monogrammed tote bag

Stuff it to the brim with candy and other goodies they’ll love; it’s an easy but thoughtful gift your mother/nana/pet rabbit is sure to adore.

tote bag

3. Message-in-a-book

A book can make for a very personal gift. Go one step further and pen a personal message of love/friendship/whatever on the inner side of the front flap.

message in a book

4. Smart stylus

For kids and adults alike, these techy pens are a no-brainer for today’s gadget-mad world.

smart stylus

5. Homemade body scrubs

Ideal for the all-natural beauty buff on your list – there are dozens of easy, DIY ‘recipes’ on the Internet for homemade bath and body products. Just grab a cute mason jar and voila!


6. Grow a candy cane kit

Put together a custom grow-your-own-candy-cane-kit – it’s a fun, simple and safe gift for those candy-loving kiddies.

candy cane kit

7. Sweet-worded jewelry

If a 24-karat gold chain necklace is out of your reach, don’t fret. Costume jewelry can make for an equally sincere gift with personalized words such as ‘love’ and so on.

sweet worded jewelry

8. Embossed rolling pin

An embossed rolling pin is a thoughful and fun gift no baker is able to resist! If you’re lucky, you may just get cookies in return.

embossed rolling pin

9. Wine glass caddy

Who could say no to a wine caddy? It’s a gift that complements any wine connoisseur’s collection.


10. Gift a plant

It’s the gift that just keeps on giving – it’s all things perfect for that eco-minded person on your list. Perhaps they’ve a favourite flower or maybe they’re a blossoming bonsai enthusiast.


Happy holidays – or, we should say, hang in there!

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