10 ways coconut oil benefits your health

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Coconut oil is an incredible oil that you can use to benefit your health and body inside and out. Coconut oil is naturally anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-parasitic.

While there are many uses for coconut oil, here are just a few to get you started to enjoy and reap the benefits.

1. Energy boost – coconut oil is not an oil that stores itself in the body it actually gets used as energy. Need little pick me up, or are preparing for and endurance workout, try a teaspoon of coconut oil

2. It has been shown to help lower cholesterol and improve heart health

3. Keeps blood sugar and insulin stable and helps decease cravings

4. Can help reduce inflammation in the body

5. Lose weight, because it can boost your energy it helps you burn more fat

6. It has been shown that coconut oil is improving brain function in patients with milder forms of Alzheimer’s

7. During cold and flu season, be sure to increase your intake of coconut oil as it’s been shown to strengthen the immune system

8. Suffering from Candida, because coconut oil’s anti-fungal properties it can be use internally and externally to help kill and prevent yeast overgrowths in the body

9. Because of its fat balance (it’s high in healthy saturated fat), this can be nourishing to the thyroid and improve it function

10. Daily moisturizer

When purchasing coconut oil be sure to buy virgin organic coconut oil, preferably in a glass jar. You should store in your cupboard, if you keep it in your fridge it will get too hard for use.

Tanya Fraser is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and personal trainer.