12 Tips for Success Every Young Woman Should Know

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An accomplished Human Resources Consultant, Fula Musu Conteh is co-founder of The Village People Group (TVPG), a human capital consultancy firm, which provides support to organizations within the Middle Eastern and Africa regions.

The quintessential Fem-Leader shares 12 success tips every young woman should know! 

1. Live authentically and according to your internal values and feelings. Do not lose yourself to the homogeneity of the mob- be true to self. Invest in the lives of others, help people reach their potential and to become their most authentic and ideal selves.

2. Understand that for every decade in your life, there would be a dark place. It’s how you translate that in your head. Don’t let it bury you, or make you think that you’ve been buried. But rather translate it in your head that okay, this did not work this time, so I need to go back and drink some Red Bull or coffee, to take a nap to give me the energy I need to either pick up the pieces and continue, or leave everything where they are and start again from the beginning.

3. There’s always a way to translate the obstacles and challenges that come your way. It’s how you want to translate them and how you look at what your next step should be. It’s realizing that there are limited actors in your life, unless you give them that power, they are screen-fillers in the story of your life. Know that there are times someone will say no to you, perhaps a man just because he’s asked to sleep with you and you’re refused- unfortunately it will happen as it has happened for women generations before you. It’s not okay, but it shouldn’t stop you from pushing forward, whilst mentally thanking him for energizing you.

4. We live in a world where some of us very strongly believe in the concept of sisterhood. Unfortunately, not all women think like that, and that’s okay. It’s even OK when the break from sisterhood is from a role model, a woman you respected (it will happen). That should not make you change who you are because others around you don’t think and act like that. It’s okay to cry, vent, get tired and feel frustrated or want to give up. When that happens, have a pity party, sleep, wake up and move on. Be grateful that at least there’s lots of strong women around that you can call role models. Be willing to learn and to be self-taught- the internet and Google can be good friends for that.

5. Don’t settle. Ever.

6. It’s OK to say no.

7. If you dim your light because of what society, family, friends say, you are doing an injustice to your community, society and most importantly to yourself.  
Be so sure of who you are, what you can do and deliver and do it and be that person at her best.

8. You don’t have competitors-your competitor is yourself and the best person or organization providing similar products of services in the world.

9. Be your own best friend, talk to yourself, advise yourself, and then share that with the world.

10. In terms of the career you want, you need to be passionate about it in order to be successful. Be comfortable with uncertainty and spontaneity because this is a way of becoming flexible and adaptive to an ever-changing world. What I have learnt in my work is that where passion goes, so does productivity, making the right decisions for self and your career, and being absolutely fulfilling in what you do.

11. Don’t forget to take care of self, this for me is usually through loving, respecting and believing in self steadfastly that the action of others will not shift who you are.

12. Whether you are a student, employee or entrepreneur, I want you to always try to understand innovative ideas, services, and products in your area of expertise. Get excited to know more, get exposed to new ideas and perspectives and build a strong network of people wanting to make an impact with you. 

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