2016 Hamilton Fashion Week – October 15-16!

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The 2016 Hamilton Fashion Week will be held this weekend, October 15-16 at the Digital Canaries Film Studio! Models and guests will be in the actual sets used in many popular tv shows and movies. Fashion Designers will show their latest collection and much more.

Come check out what Hamilton Fashion is all about!


Hamilton Fashion Week (HFW) is a not for profit organization that has the main objective of building the local fashion industry.

The Team – Hamilton Fashion Week


Ken Biehler (Chairperson)
Ken is proud to be the chairperson for Hamilton Fashion Week. Ken’s goal is to do things right with Hamilton Fashion Week. There is a great opportunity for the region and the country to grow the fashion industry but some significant steps must be taken. Canadians need to change the stigma against Canadian fashion and be exposed to real Canadian fashion. There is incredible fashion talent within Hamilton and Canada and Ken wants to expose this to the world.


Krystal Biehler
Krystal is the quiet leader of Hamilton Fashion Week and several of the ideas of building the local fashion community through HFW have been cultivated by Krystal. She is responsible for model recruitment for Hamilton Fashion Week events. All models and agencies can contact her for more information.


Michelle Moore (Media Manager)
Michelle is the main contact person/ or liaison for any media inquiry michellemoore.mediamanagerhfw@gmail.com. She works closely with the Ken & Krystal to ensure each project/event stays true to their vision. Michelle’s roles as Media Manager will be interviewing all Fashion Designers for Hamilton Fashion Week and she will also be handling any VIP’s related issues, providing them a one of kind experience at HFW events.


Maggie Mae Taylor – Production Manager
Maggie is a Hamilton born model signed to Elite Model Management and is stepping onto the acting scene. Maggie is taking time out of her busy schedule to offer her experience and expertise to be the Production Manager of Hamilton Fashion Week.

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