5 reasons why young professionals should vote TODAY!

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Today is election day. Have you voted yet?

Historically, there tends to be a low turnout of young professional voters and a stereotype that young people do not care. It’s time to change that perception, because we know you do!

Young professionals are smarter and more engaged than ever before.

YP’s recognize that local elections directly affect their lives and (and their bank account!) YP’s understand that the decisions made on election day help shape the future of their city – the city where they live, work and play.

If simply doing your civic duty is not a strong enough reason to get you to the polls, then we have 5 reasons why you should vote and have your voice heard. (if you have not already done so already!).

Check out this list and make your way over to the nearest polling station to cast your ballot!

Voting does affect you.

It’s about you. Voting is about taking ownership for your city and the people who get to make decisions on your behalf. Your vote is your voice. When you vote, you are telling your elected officials and lawmakers how you feel about important issues.

Vote because you can.

Voting is a way to honour our history. It wasn’t until 1960 that all Canadian women finally had the right to vote. Honour our sisters and the freedom fighters who have gone before us and vote!

Every vote counts.

It’s a numbers game. When you vote and encourage others to do the same, you are contributing to the outcome. One vote can truly make a difference.

You know what they say,

“if you don’t vote, you can’t complain.”

Voting is a way to speak your mind. By not voting you are giving others the opportunity to decide what is best for you.

Your city needs you!

Voting changes communities. Voting is a chance to change your city for the better.

*This article was originally published on Oct. 27, 2014.

Lisa was born and raised in Hamilton. A graduate of McMaster University, (Honours English & Communication Studies) Lisa now works for the Ontario Public Service. Her enthusiasm and passion continuously fuel her commitment and service to the betterment of the community.