6 natural ingredients that are good for your skin

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*REPOST: Guest post by Alexis Fletcher, aesthetician, award-winning entrepreneur and owner of Kabuki Skin Centre and Spa.

Mother Nature provides us with all that we need to have a healthy and glowing skin.

Here is a list if some ingredients that are good for your skin.

1. Essential oils:
These are extractions of the essence of a plant. Each essential oil has a different purpose but they are extremely potent and concentrated making them very effective.

2. Hyaluronic Acid (Vegan):
Vegan hyaluronic acid is extremely hydrating and protects collagen and elastin fibrils. You want plant based hyaluronic acid. A lot of companies use a by-product of pig skin which our skin cells do not accept rendering it totally useless.

3. Vegetable Glycerin:
Humectants prevent water loss and should not be one of the first ingredients as too much has the opposite of effect causing dryness. Again, you want to see vegetable glycerin, not animal.

4. Polyphenols from Tea:
Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial

5. Plants: Stone Crop, Licorice, Aloe, Tea tree, Argan, Tara tree: Each plant has specific qualities but when high on the ingredient list are potent anti-oxidants and supply the skin with vital nutrients. Some plants encourage collagen production. You can find alternatives to any chemicals you’re likely to come across in products.

6. Fruit: Blueberries, Strawberries, Acai, Grapefruit: Again, each fruit is high in anti-oxidants, and provides the skin with vitamins and minerals to improve its function. Some fruit exfoliate the skin. The more seeds a fruit has the higher in anti-oxidants it is.

If you ever want to know what an ingredient is,
Visit EWG.org or email kabukispa@gmail.com. We can help you find out what it is.

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Canadian Cancer society ~ http://www.cancer.ca/en/?region=on

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