Who We Are

Illuminessence is a distinctive magazine dedicated to showcasing exemplary Fem-leaders and Guys Who Get It!

To celebrate, illuminate and inspire women.

To advance women’s empowerment, gender equity and social justice.


• Uniquely Diverse
Illuminessence is a unique platform showcasing diverse women from various professional realms with a common desire to make their mark.

• Distinctively Fabulous

Illuminessence showcases and appeals to success-driven, passionate and influential women who are excelling in their professional pursuits.

• Inspirational
Illuminessence inspires fem-leaders to pursue their passions and live life with delightful exuberance.

• Fem-leaders and guys who get it from various professional realms
• Influential, success-driven professionals who can afford to include in their passions
• Tech-savvy individuals with vast personal, social and professional networks and communities
• Inspirational role models who are influencing the next generation of leaders

Letter from the Publisher


Welcome to Illuminessence!

Illuminessence is a lifestyle e-magazine celebrating young, professional women and their exemplary accomplishments. It provides a unique platform to showcase diverse women from various professional spheres with a common desire to make their mark.

Illuminessence stems from my passion to celebrate exceptional accomplishments of women, most of whom are unsung heroines. This desire has been nurtured by the remarkable women within my family, especially my mother who epitomizes strength, courage and tenacity in both her personal and professional pursuits. As a mom, I hope to inspire my children through the examples of leadership illustrated in Illuminessence.

There are lots of inspirational women making tremendous professional strides. It is important that we continually recognize and celebrate our own successes. Through each feature, we hope you recognize your potential and become a role model for others to emulate. By illuminating legacies whose leadership and tenacity has paved the way for the next generation of fem-leaders, we can draw on the invaluable wisdom and experiences of these pioneers and be inspired by their example.

We also commend the courage of our “Guys who get it”, for their contribution to furthering women’s social mobility and community-development. We encourage you to be a part of the Illuminessence Young Professional Women’s Network, which we hope to utilize as a vehicle to further enhance the professional development of women, through a series of signature events and initiatives each year.

Illuminessence has evolved from an idea into reality, as a result of the unwavering dedication and hard work of a unique team of distinctively diverse women and one “guy who gets it”. As we continue to evolve, we look forward to sharing inspirational features and insightful articles with you. I hope Illuminessence inspires you to pursue your passions, strive for excellence in your professional pursuits and live life with delightful exuberance!


Keep Illuminating,

May-Marie Duwai-Sowa

Publisher / Editor in Chief