Almas Jiwani illuminates a brighter path for women and girls

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Almas Jiwani is truly illuminating a brighter path for women and girls in Canada and around the world. As the President of the Almas Jiwani Foundation, she works ceaselessly to make gender equality a reality. She is also President Emeritus of the UN Women National Committee Canada, an independent organization devoted to gender equality and advocating the rights of women on an international scale. The mandate entails raising awareness and funds to support the organization’s mission.

Jiwani’s passion for philanthropy and making the world a better place for women and girls has been recognized in Canada and around the world. She is a recipient of many prestigious awards including the Governor General’s Caring Award (Canada), African Women in Leadership Excellence Award (Nigeria), MDG Meritorious Award: Women Advancement (South Africa), International African Women Development Award (France), amongst many others.

Almas Jiwani is also a notable speaker and has delivered keynote addresses to leaders and parliamentarians around the world at forums such as the Pan Africa Media Conference, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, World Bank Women in Leadership Forum in Abu Dhabi, African Development Bank conference, and the World Forum. In 2012, she delivered a historic keynote to one million women on gender inequity in Pakistan. Almas Jiwani’s other roles include Global Ambassador of Peace by the Universal Peace Federation, member of the Global Advisory Board of Women in Leadership – NASEBA Corporation in the Middle East, Dean, Faculty of Law at Istanbul University in Turkey, Pamoja Kenya Mentorship Alliance and Global Warming Prevention Technologies.

A business savvy individual, she owns the company – Frontier Canada Inc. specializing in importing and exporting services. Jiwani was raised in Congo and moved to Canada as a teenager.

Inspirational Fem-Leader Almas Jiwani- (Photo courtesy of Almas Jiwani)

Inspirational Fem-Leader Almas Jiwani- (Photo courtesy of Almas Jiwani)

Illuminessence magazine is honoured to feature Almas Jiwani as an inspirational fem-leader!

What motivated you to start the Almas Jiwani Foundation?

My inspiration for the creation of the Almas Jiwani Foundation rose from the encouragement from several members of states and my board members and also from the objective of centralizing personal efforts towards the empowerment of women, gender equality, and international women’s rights. It’s a continuation of a lifelong passion and personal imperative to improve the livelihoods of women and girls throughout the world.

What are some of your career highlights?

The more prominent ones include volunteering for the Aga Khan Development Network and Focus Humanitarian Assistance, being a part of the Aga Khan Council for Canada, and election to the position of President on the Board of Directors of UNIFEM Canada. Now, it’s known as the UN Women National Committee Canada.

What inspires you to strive for success?

I see the difference that empowerment of women and gender equality has on the lives of girls and women, as well as their communities, all the time. There is clear evidence that societies with empowered women thrive, not just socially, but economically as well. Empowering women is the single greatest tool we have to lift many parts of the world out of poverty, and is a resource that has been underused. I consider this the most important thing to be done in the world at the moment. Seeing the empowerment of women and girls is a continual inspiration.

How would you define the phrase, “an empowered woman”?

“An empowered woman” has the ability to be courageous in her convictions and follows them through with perseverance and confidence. As an example of an empowered woman, I would describe a person who takes criticism and learns from miAlmas Jiwani Foundationstakes, without getting discouraged or giving up easily, and presents herself as an embodied example to girls and other women.

Hobbies/ Interests

My hobbies, which are the passions of my life, take up all of my time. Those passions are – working for the empowerment of women, gender equality, and women’s rights.

Connect with Almas

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the Almas Jiwani Foundation website.

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