Are we in love or in love with technology?

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When it comes to love and relationships why is that we find it easier to express ourselves using our gadgets i.e. cell phones, ipads, computers. What is this fear we’ve impressed upon ourselves that we aren’t good enough unless behind a keyboard? Let’s speak honestly. We feel more confident when we send a text, facebook, or tweet. We always make judgements toward someone we are attracted to, based on how they behave and what reputation perceives them in social networks. We screen them by nip picking their status or how fast they respond to our text messages. Is this any way to find your future partner?

The oxford dictionary defines a relationship as “The way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected”. So is technology really the best form of communication? What example are we teaching the future generations? On one hand we can be saying by not interacting face to face we are preventing heartbreak or protecting ourselves, because it hurts less to end a relationships through a text or an email/social media.  According to a 2009 survey by the Pew Research Center, 74 percent of men and women use email and 61 percent use the Internet on a typical day. Over 9 million women alone between the ages of 30 and 40 use Facebook. What is happening is that we are escaping from reality.

Most you have husbands/boyfriends and wives/girlfriends.  So by being synced with all these social networks, isn’t it giving a gate way for failure in our relationships sorely based on distraction? If most of our purpose in life is to be happy and find a match or mate, then it’s fair to say we should focus on the people in our lives and take the extra baggage of 300 hundred friends on facebook out of our system.  When you want to speak to your spouse, DON’T text him or her, just wait until they get home to speak to them.

Finally for the single people out there, you are single for a reason. You are too picky because you are plated with too many options. Don’t have 50 or more men or women in your phone, as if you are screening them for an interview. Everything can be done in moderation. If your work insists in having a social profile then that’s fine.  But don’t let it be a gate way for you be another person behind a keyboard. We need to stop being lazy and meet human beings, love, laugh (not LOL), and argue face to face.

If you don’t believe that today’s relationships are in jeopardy because of technology or have a problem letting go of their phones, then let the world see who you are and not who you pretend to be when on the internet or cell phone. Let us do a simple exercise- find a person who lives with you it could be a friend, sibling, child or your significant other, tell them to take your phone and hide it somewhere around the house where it will not be found, then ask them (unless for work) to unplug the internet, keep your home phone on (if most of you still own home phone) and wait two full days. How long can you last?

Questions for discussion

Did you succeed in the challenge in the article; if so how did you feel? If not do you agree with the article?

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