Why Black Panther was so important for me!

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Black Panther, Black Panther, Black Panther. What can I say! It was a movie for the history books.

It addressed very important issues in subtle ways, like through Killmonger the villain, congressmen and many more.

I went and saw the movie on the Friday it came out and I was mesmerized. The first thing I wanted to do afterwards was style my natural hair only, for the rest of February, and I did!  I’ve even been trying to continue to do so.

During the movie, my first “WOW” was probably when I saw Wakanda. OMG, what a country!

Just how it was perfectly hidden and not only that, but the culture that just bounced off the screen, was it for me. I felt like they had perfectly captured the culture of Africa in full form.

I love how they also presented Wakanda as a powerful country. Here though they presented it as a country, where others like the USA look to for help and a place to export resources from. Portraying Wakanda as a country also showcases Africa as a powerful continent with bountiful resources. Africa is not only a beautiful tourism site, but it also has great resources. It also changed the perception about Africa and the people who live in it.

Also the representation was amazing. I feel like all my life dark-skin has not been celebrated. Colorism, pretty much defines the depiction of Black people in movies in the past. Black Panther really celebrated black-skin while not being biased or neglecting other skin colors.

Another thing Black Panther nailed was female representation, because women in Africa are the rock of the nation. But they are not really treated as such on a daily basis. So seeing women, not just women but black women being empowered, celebrated and respected really raised my hopes for the future. Not only that, but Okoye and her female warriors empowered young girls to really know and achieve their strength.

Shuri also played a significant role which has inspired me to consider a future in the STEM field. I really admired her brilliance, enjoyed her sense of humour and loved her bond with her brother. I hope to always have such a close bond with my brother and share fun moments with him like Shuri does with T’challa.

I also loved the natural hair love displayed by the women in the movie. For example, Okoye was very uncomfortable in one scene, when she was not in her natural form #NOSPOILERS.

Through Killmonger, I realised the perspective of the African-Americans who have sort of a disconnect with African heritage, because they have never really been to Africa or learned about Africa.

Black Panther was important because it was made by black people, for black people and showcased black excellence in every aspect- black culture, black resilience, black love, black humour, black style and black heritage.

Thank you to the amazing cast and crew for making such a powerful movie.

It was just SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS, to be honest, and I can’t wait to see it many times more.

If you haven’t watched it yet, just a friendly reminder to GO WATCH IT NOW, BEFORE IT IS OUT OF THEATRES!!!   If you live in Hamilton, I would recommend watching it at the Landmark Cinema in Jackson Square because they have very comfortable reclining chairs :)!

Wakanda Forever!!!

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