Cara Fullerton: TV Host to Fitness Coach

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Journalist at Global News Calgary for 10 years (total 14 years in TV broadcasting), Cara Fullerton retired from journalism in 2014 to start up a business in a sector that she has been very passionate about for a long time- Healthy Living.

With her bon vivant smile and warm demeanor, Fullerton is a right fit for a life and fitness coaching job.

Fun fact: The Prime Minister once served her a pancake!

“I was doing a live remote during the Prime Minister’s Stampede breakfast and I talked to his handler, and said, “Hey, can you get the Prime Minister to serve me a pancake?”(laughs). So, he served me a pancake live on TV. That’s kind of where I felt like I shined because I was showing my true personality.”

How The Legacy Started

A dutiful daughter to parents of Jamaican heritage, Fullerton was born and raised in Edson (Alberta) with her three siblings. She later moved to Edmonton and started a career as a computer programmer for about 10 years.
“Seven years into that, I got the urge to do something else and I stumbled on an opportunity to volunteer at a radio station. So, I thought “Oh maybe I’ll go into broadcasting. I went back to school and started a job as a reporter.”

However, Fullerton still nurtured a passion for fitness and so she did some bodybuilding and started teaching group fitness and later got certified as a personal trainer. “I knew I wanted to work in fitness in some capacity or motivating people to be more fit and healthy.”

In 2014, Fullerton left her television-broadcasting career to start a life coaching business with the focus on health and fitness.

“I guess you could say I’m a tiny bit of a risk-taker. I love it.”

Cara Fullerton- (Photo supplied by Cara Fullerton)

Cara Fullerton- (Photo supplied by Cara Fullerton)

Fullerton believes in the correlation between life coaching and positivity.

“I’m a big believer in the fact that thoughts actually can become things. When I look at the experiences that I’ve had transitioning to where I am today, and just believing that I could do it, things started to happen. Opportunities started to come. I believe that my positive thoughts and the way I was directing them created where I am today.”

Challenges Faced in Journalism

I think my biggest challenge was trying to figure out where I fit in that industry. I went through a lot of uncertainty about being there. There were aspects of it that I feel I did well, but there’s parts of it that I just didn’t feel passionate about. So, the challenge for me was very personal. Now, I believe that those 14 years in the industry, that’s exactly where I needed to be and the industry gave me a lot. I wouldn’t be here, where I am today without that experience.

Overcoming Personal Challenges

I knew that I was a positive person and I wanted to enjoy life and wasn’t going to sit back and not feel like I could be me. It also comes from my upbringing (Both Fullerton’s parents were school teachers). My dad would tell us, every first day of school that we had to be outstanding in everything that we did and that mediocrity was not an option. I wanted to be outstanding in what I do.

“The only way to be outstanding is you have to be passionate about it. If you’re not passionate enough, you won’t be outstanding, no matter how good you could be at it.”

I’m a very sensitive person and if I don’t feel good about something, I don’t want to be in it. It’s a constant self-motivation.

Cara Fullerton has nurtured a long-time passion for fitness- (Photo supplied by Cara Fullerton)

Cara Fullerton has nurtured a long-time passion for fitness- (Photo supplied by Cara Fullerton)

Life and Fitness Coaching

I’ve always kind of been active. I know how good it feels to push hard and I feel that’s like my happy place, that’s my meditation. I love the feeling of fitness and being strong. That led me to the life coaching part. I didn’t want to be a full-time personal trainer, like working with people and actually putting them through a work-out. But I knew that I wanted to motivate people through fitness and have them figure out what fitness means to them.

So many people think they need to go to a gym and lift weight but there’s so much more to it. Where I took it was ‘Okay, what does your life look like?’ ‘What do you wanna feel like’ ‘What makes you happy?’ ‘What does fitness look like to you?’ ‘How does this work in your lifestyle?’ So, creating something that works for them as opposed to shoving them into ‘This work out plan’, or ‘This plan’, or whatever.

Fullerton aids individuals reach their lifestyle goals and helps them, “Figure out what their goals are; how to achieve them. Holding them accountable, motivating them, giving them tips and tricks and tools that they can use to maintain that healthy lifestyle.

Cara Fullerton- (Photo supplied by Cara Fullerton)

Cara Fullerton- (Photo supplied by Cara Fullerton)

Maintaining Work-Life Balance

(Giggles) So I’m a morning person and wake up super early, so that is awesome! I do my best to schedule out my week and learn to say ‘No’ to certain things that aren’t going to help me reach my goals. I schedule a work-out and I don’t feel guilty about that. I make sure my work-outs are scheduled because it’s what gets me feeling strong, centred, motivated. That’s usually how I kick-off my day. But I’m finding the one thing that’s been challenging is maintaining a social life (laughs). It’s been tough and challenging but I try to use my calendar, schedule things in, as best I can. That’s probably that best way that I maintain my work-life balance.

Career Highlights

As a journalist, you know, there were just little things and I think some of them I didn’t realize until I got out of the industry. I can’t even pick one huge highlight but you know, I got to meet some fantastic people. I got to meet some really cool people and interview some fascinating people. I think some of the highlights were when I would interview certain people and they really felt good after the interview, that they were able to share their message in a comfortable environment and with me cos’ they felt so comfortable sharing their story with me.

Coming out of that (the industry), I realized that you know, I’ve got so many skills – public speaking, emceeing, interviewing, writing but the most important part is I think, creating a comfortable rapport with people.

Entrepreneurial Success

I’m still building business and I’m learning a lot. I’m getting used to having to make my own schedule, stick to that schedule, not be distracted, stay focused. There is a lot of solitude in entrepreneurship, so not interacting with people all the time, constantly promoting myself. All the little things about business from the finances to the marketing to the technical stuff and the programs and collaborating with people.

“It’s a big learning curve, I’m enjoying it, I’m embracing it and there’s ups and downs but you know what, I know that this is exactly where I’m supposed to be.”

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