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Happy New Year.

I am delighted to share with you the New Year’s edition of Illuminessence e-Magazine!

As I reflect on 2017, I have to say that it was one of our most challenging and transformative years. Some of the experiences led to waning passion and cause to pause, ponder and reflect. During our moment of introspection, it became clear that the team is deeply passionate Illuminessence and vested in its success.

I am blessed to be a part of an incredible team of individuals willing to weather trying times together and celebrate success during happy times.

Our dedicated team, brought together by destiny to fulfill a shared goal, is guided by a vision of success, marked by distinction, inclusiveness, empowerment and sisterhood, and of course, supported by the Guys Who Get it on our team!

Our experiences have served as valuable life lessons, as we grow into an elevated realm where Illuminessence can now achieve its full potential.

In similar vein, the inspirational fem-leaders featured in this edition exemplify resilience. Despite facing challenges, they have not deviated from their passionate pursuits. Instead they continue to pursue their goals and are succeeding in their respective realms. In addition, we also seek to inspire you for success in work, life and relationships through the enlightening articles featured in the Tips for Success, MP’s Zone, Entertainment and Love and Relationship columns. Click here to view or download your free copy today!

Photo Credit- Hawa Kamara/ UzoDesmond Photography

In 2018, I encourage you to reflect on your past experiences and opportunities. Be grateful for lessons learned and focus on positivity. Show appreciation to those who have supported your endeavours. Be brave in the face of adversity, because it is during trying times that your true strength and courage emerge. Let go of negative experiences and cultivate meaningful relationships in 2018.

Best wishes and keep illuminating,

May-Marie Duwai-Sowa
Founder & Publisher

May-Marie is driven by passion and purpose to tirelessly promote social change, diversity, equity and women's empowerment in both her personal and professional endeavours.

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