Entrepreneur Silvia Mangue Alene shares insights on compassionate approach to senior care

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Silvia Mangue Alene is a fem-leader that keeps setting the bar higher and reaching above it. She is President of the British Columbia Black History Awareness Society and also the Founder of Kulea Love, an immigrant-women-run enterprise specializing in seniors’ care. 

Alene started operations of her social enterprise in June 2017 and describes getting her first client as “one of my career highlights…and I realized that the service that I am offering is truly a need in our community and society. My clients are happy and satisfied with my service, they don’t have any stigma attached with the fact that they have to pay for my service of companion.”

Alene is currently pursuing a post graduate diploma in Intercultural Education and possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, with a major in Human Resources. She is making waves in both her professional and cultural realms. Born in Equatorial Guinea, Alene was raised in Spain and describes her mosaic of these cultures very beautifully.

“I am as African as I am Spanish. I love both cultures and I am very proud and happy of this diversity”.

(Silvia Mangue Alene- Photo courtesy of Silvia Alene)

Illuminessence is pleased to share our exclusive interview with Silvia Mangue Alene!

What motivated you to start Kulea love and pursue a business in caregiving for the elderly?
I was motivated to become an entrepreneur by immigrant women. I thought that immigrant women brought so much to the table that could make them become financially independent, without having to go to school for a long time in Canada. And I thought of the older adults. Older adults exist in all cultures, but in some cultures more than others, elders are part of the cultural make-up, and are held in high regard, and I knew that caring for older adults would be something that the women could do very well. And that is how Kulea Love was born. At Kulea Love, we address loneliness by offering companionship services to seniors and to anyone that may feel disconnected from the community and lonely. Elders in western country are lonely and in some cases neglected. We want to let families of the elders know that our workers, all immigrant women, are here to support them in the care of their elders.

What are some entrepreneurial lessons learned from running your own business?
1. Nothing turns out the way you have planned.
2. You need to be very flexible and adaptable to situations and new ideas.
3. Listen to what some people have to say.
4. Be very patient.
5. Be willing to work hard.
6. Believe in what you are doing.

Who or what inspires you to strive for success?
I don’t think of success as something to strive for. But I do strive to do my job well, to make true connection with my clients. I strive to become a good person and a good business-woman.

My inspirations are of course my family, my grand-mother whom I grew up with, my mother who worked so hard for her children, my sister who is always trying to fix the world, my son and my partner Steve.

Connect with Silvia and check out Kulea Love

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