Every woman needs red shoes!

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Dear Daughter

Red shoes – do you have a pair? Every woman needs red shoes!

Just look in your closet! What do you see? boring shoes, take a count – how many black ones, brown ones and even (heaven forbid) white ones- but,- do you have even one pair of RED ones? – I bet you don’t.

Please take my advice my dear, and go out and buy yourself a pair of nice glam red shoes, – don’t have to be expensive – but must be brilliant red – preferably with high heels (in a pinch – maybe red sneakers will do).

Now, take them home and put them on ( doesn’t matter if you are wearing grungies – PUT THEM ON. Stand up – how do you feel? Don’t you feel special – even in grungies?

You see my dear, every woman deserves to feel special, deserves to step out of the ordinary and do something just for fun – just because! For me, red shoes is it!

There is also something else you need to know, and that is – you should never put red shoes on tired feet – so when you have your red shoes, you must also have a pedicure to go with it, and might as well get a massage too.

You will feel special, fabulous, fantastic and ready to take on the world – just because you got red shoes.

If we take care of our feet, we will also take care of the rest of our body!
Our feet keep us anchored, grounded and supported. They are actually quite complicated with about 26 bones and 33 joints and use an intricate set of muscles and tendons to keep us walking tall and straight. They support us (often without complaining) and absorb the full impact of our body weight with every step that we take.

Five Foot Facts

(Source:http://www.podiatryinfocanada.ca/Public/Facts )

1. The average person walks up to about 160 000 kilometres, in their lifetime, enough to walk around the earth 4 times. That works out to around 6 and a half kilometres a day.

2. Every step we make can exert a pressure on your feet that exceeds our body weight and when we run, it can be three or four times our weight — which adds up to a cumulative force of over 500 tons a day.

3. Our feet stop us from falling on our face and supply us with information about the surface we walk on. They tell us whether the surface is hot or cold, rough or smooth, which side it slopes to, etc. (No wonder they are tired at the end of the day )

4. During a typical day, the average person spends about four hours on their feet and takes between 8,000 and 10,000 steps.

5. There are about 250 000 sweat glands in the feet. The average person will lose about a cup of moisture a day through the feet.

So, what does all this have to have to do with red shoes – simply this – when you look in your closet and see those red shoes twinkling at you from their nest of brown and black shoes it should remind you to:

• step out and have some fun with life, you deserve it,
• take care of you body and in so doing, don’t neglect to take care of your feet, and
• stand tall, believe in yourself and walk with confidence and pride.

So, go out and buy yourself a pair of red shoes, let your spirit soar, and as always …. take care of yourself.

G’ma Trica

Pat Wright, B.Sc., M.Ed. is an educator, community activist and diversity trainer with a keen interest in people, places and things. Pat has been the Toastmasters Area Governor and was recognized in the first "Who’s Who in Black Canada – 2002 edition”.