Fem-Leader Jennifer Bolus: Integrative Registered Dietitian

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Jennifer Bolus, Integrative Registered Dietitian at Whole Health is a self-described ‘curious George’.

With a fervent determination to take holistic healthcare to new heights, Bolus sees herself as a creative spirit and an agent of change. She gets a thrilling feeling of fulfillment from seeing that familiar light bulb go off in people’s heads.

As a child, Bolus recalls her father sharing stories of traditional healthcare practices from his life growing up in the Philippines. Into high school and subsequently university, Bolus said she was very analytical and left-brained.

Jennifer Bolus - (Photo supplied by Jennifer Bolus)

Jennifer Bolus – (Photo supplied by Jennifer Bolus)

Career Path

Bolus describes her career path as a spiritual journey.

“I don’t feel it was one particular event that sparked my interest in holistic healthcare,” she said, “but a culmination of many experiences in combination with what I feel has been a calling.”

It was during her Registered Dietitian training that Bolus further explored holistic healthcare practices. Included in this was the practice of yoga, which she views as elemental to her physical and spiritual wellbeing.

These experiences eventually led her to question what she had been formally taught in school.

“It’s a bit of a rabbit hole; once I went down that hole into the world of ancient wisdom and teachings, quantum physics, mind-body medicine [and] energy healing … there really wasn’t any going back,” said Bolus.

Challenges Encountered

While shifting from a nine-to-five mindset to an entrepreneurial schedule, Bolus said the biggest challenge she has encountered throughout her career is “lack of acceptance or openness to ‘other’ thought or new thought interms of healthcare, how it’s practiced and the modalities or treatments that are deemed acceptable or normal.”

In spite of such hurdles, Bolus is able to overcome them with open-mindedness:

“I can only share what I know when appropriate, what I’ve experienced and create change by creating a ripple wherever I go. Planting a seed is better than not speaking at all,” she explained.

Jennifer Bolus- (Photo supplied by Jennifer Bolus)

Jennifer Bolus- (Photo supplied by Jennifer Bolus)

 Women in Holistic Healthcare

“Women have the power to exemplify and be leaders in living a heart-centered life. That said, there are some pretty super men out there currently who are heart and soul driven leaders, able to tap into that feminine energy which is a beautiful balance,” Bolus said.

In fact, Bolus believes women’s innately nurturing qualities are the ‘stuff’ of leaders.

“[Women] lead with our hearts … I believe it’s exactly what we need right now in healthcare; more heart, less head driven,”

Advice to Aspiring Young Professionals

Bolus’ advice to aspiring young professionals is fivefold, all of which she believes are of equal importance to maintaining not only a healthy career, but also a healthy self! She advises young professionals to:

  • Maintain self-esteem
  • Seek an appropriate mentor
  • Connect and collaborate with like-minded people
  • Have a vision and share that vision
  • Set healthy boundaries in terms of scheduling self-care time and nurturing relationships.

Bolus notes;

“When we feel we have the ability and power to create our life and express ourselves fully, the body responds in health.”

To find out more about Jennifer Bolus and her services visit http://jenniferbolus.com/. You can also find her on Facebook (Jennifer Bolus Nutrition and Mind-Body Medicine) and Twitter ).

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