Ebele Mogo’s captivating journey to success!

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Ebele Mogo is an inspiring woman for not one, two or three reasons because the reasons are countless. At just 24, her accomplishments are astounding!

She is a public health expert, poet, writer, award winner, the founder of a non-profit-organization (Engage Africa Foundation) and currently a PhD candidate at the Colorado School of Public Health, who has been featured on several media outlets. In 2014, Mogo was a recipient of the University of Waterloo’s Young Alumni Award in recognition of the work that she does to make an impact in her home continent of Africa, through her Engage Africa Foundation. That same year, she was also chosen as a recipient of the International Women Achievers’ Award in academics.

Ebele Mogo was born and raised in Nigeria but has travelled around the world for the purpose of post-secondary education and work. As Founder of Engage Africa Foundation, Mogo seeks to fight non-communicable diseases in Africa through the voices and creativity of everyday people. The foundation connects budding health and wellness innovators to resources, a global audience, and mentorship to sustain their proposed solutions to reducing non-communicable diseases in their communities. It also promotes policy entrepreneurship, awareness creation and knowledge sharing.

Learn more about Ebele Mogo’s passion and hard work-driven journey to success in this captivating interview with Illuminessence!

Ebele Mogo- At just 24, her accomplishments are astounding! (Photo courtesy of Ebele Mogo)

Ebele Mogo- At just 24, her accomplishments are astounding! (Photo courtesy of Ebele Mogo)

Tell us a little about yourself

I am a public health scientist. I like to write, take walks, travel, sing, dance, play piano, take pictures, cook, do goofy things, and spend time with loved ones.

A fun fact about me is my strange memory for hands. I remember hands how one would remember faces.

What motivated you to go into public health – as well as create Engage Africa Foundation?

One day in my first term as an undergraduate student of biomedical science, I started reading up on global issues and I remember being drawn to have a career that somehow was about helping people and that also had a global perspective. I remember thinking that it was ultimately what I would love to do, even though then I was very unsure about how to get there since my studies were very focused on the individual, clinical and microscopic level at that time. That desire became so large and real at that time and I archived it somewhere in my mind. I created Engage Africa Foundation because I wanted to be involved in health issues in Africa and while there are many health issues, I thought that chronic diseases could be an important and unique part of the problem I could take on.

“In our lifetime, non-communicable diseases will kill more Africans than infectious diseases. They are silent killers and so most people find out that they have them when it is already too late. It is not only sad but unjust and we need to do something about it.”

Career Highlights

I still have a long road ahead of me but my highlights are always those moments when I take a leap and something rewarding comes out of it – be a new friend, a sense of impact, or a new lesson learnt, even if through failure.

Ebele Mogo- (Photo courtesy of Ebele Mogo)

Ebele Mogo- (Photo courtesy of Ebele Mogo)

What inspires you to strive for success?

I am inspired by the vision of a freedom to be myself, to translate my imagination to reality and to see this happen for others.

h2>Definition of ‘an empowered woman’

The definition of “an empowered woman” that I aspire to, is a deeper mastery of myself and our beautiful and complicated world. In this quest, an imperfect yet persistent commitment to love, risk, inquiry and complexity guide me.

You can connect with Ebele via Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/ebyral/), Twitter (https://twitter.com/ebyral) or her blog (http://streetsideconvos.com).

Chiamaka is a Nigerian-born teenage entrepreneur and media consultant who is passionate about social justice and helping people achieve their true potential. She is also the author of Blurred Creations http://blurredcreations.wordpress.com

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