Guys Who Gets It: Roger Brown III

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Roger Brown III, Relationship Manager of Commercial Real Estate Lending at Scotiabank does not lack for ambition. He describes himself as a constant student of his environment, driven to create value for both his clients and teammates.

Growing up in Accra, Ghana, Brown explained his interest in banking and finance began during boyhood. “I have always been intrigued by the ‘business of money’,” Brown said. “[But] it wasn’t until my second year of university after a summer internship in Toronto with a major U.S. bank that my childhood interest became a project.” Since this fateful summer, Brown has since spent the past eight years in the field.

What makes Brown a guy who gets it?

Discipline where it counts

From grade-skipping to immigrating 10,000 miles from his homeland of Ghana at age 17, there is no doubting this young professional’s spirit.

“I have always been the type to gravitate towards challenging endeavours of higher achievement,”

Despite facing application restrictions into the internship program at the DeGroote School of Business, due to his international student status, Brown said he was able to solidify an internship opportunity all on his own. “I hand dropped off my resumes at the reception desks of various financial institutions [in Toronto]. Along with a long list of cold calls and active networking I was able to land an internship opportunity,” explained Brown. The internship, Brown said, would prove to be invaluable in his career to come.

Roger Brown III- (Photo supplied by Roger Brown III)

Roger Brown III- (Photo supplied by Roger Brown III)

Exceeding expectations

“My number one personal accomplishment was moving to Canada alone at age 17 to pursue my post-secondary education and graduating with honours from McMaster University,” confided Brown. Between organizing two charity fashion show fundraisers on campus and working with the Hamilton HIVE executive board as Treasurer, Brown has accomplished in years what often takes others decades. He also manages a sizeable portfolio at work, not common for someone of his age. Brown has also recently been admitted into the Master of Finance program at the University of Toronto with a GMAT waiver and entrance scholarship, which he humbly looks upon as a significant milestone in his life.

Always pushing forward

“From a career standpoint I am committed to progressively working up the corporate path at the Bank into a more senior role,” Brown said. “Perhaps exploring career opportunities in global markets such as New York or London after completion of my Masters program,” he added. Additionally, Brown said he looks forward to more actively pursuing charity work, namely at the grassroots level.

Roger Brown maintains deep roots in Hamilton- (Photo supplied by Roger Brown)

Roger Brown maintains deep roots in Hamilton- (Photo supplied by Roger Brown)

Invested in the future of Hamilton

Though moving to Toronto for purposes of work, Brown explained Hamilton is his Canadian hometown.

“I own a property in the City and I spent the first nine years of my Canadian life in Hamilton … I am a huge fan of the [City] and do take a chunk of it with me anywhere I go.”

Brown’s advice for blooming professionals is fivefold:

1. Start early by pursuing internships and co-ops
2. Strategically network by talking with those in your field of interest in order to obtain industry information
3. Do your homework and do it well by investing time to research the industry and employers within it
4. Treat every day as if it was your first once hired
5. Set targets both within your workplace and community

“The takeaway here is simple: our level of persistence measures our level of interest and passion,” said Brown.

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