Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Dear Daughter,

Happy Valentine’s Day!

On Valentines day, we celebrate love (and lovers) and fill the day with many symbols of love. It is a celebration that makes us happy and gives us the feeling of love and appreciation. We give gifts to express our love and often wait expectantly to hear “I love you – Happy Valentine’s Day” and if we have a secret admirer, we may hear ” Will You Be My Valentine?”

So ….. What do we get, and what do we give?

If I were to get a special gift, like a bouquet of red roses with a chocolate heart, tied with ribbons and lace, and have cupid with two lovebirds sitting on top? – I would be very touched because I know that would be the ultimate declaration of love, and here’s why!!!

The Rose:
The letters in the word ROSE can be rearranged to give us the word EROS. EROS is the God of Love that can move us beyond love to arousal and passion. Since red is the colour of passion, feelings and excitement, when we get a bouquet of red roses, we are being given a message that combines the meaning of the rose with the meaning red, and the message becomes …… I have passionate feelings of love for you and you thrill and excite me!

Chocolate Hearts:
Well, this message is one that is similar to message of the rose, except it is from a different perspective. The heart has always been considered the seat of emotion – (remember how our heart beats faster at the mere sight of a love interest), and chocolate is not only sweet, but it contains the same chemical that is produced in our brains when we fall in love, and gives us an emotional high. So a gift of chocolate hearts says, …….. My heart is beating for you because you are sweet and you stir up strong emotions in me.

Ribbons and Lace:
This is a sign – not of love, but of romance, it is a delicate symbol of flirtatious fun and joy. At one time people used lace handkerchiefs which were decorated with ribbons and bows. If a “lady” were to drop her handkerchief before a “gentleman” it would be a sign of her interest. He would pick it up, return it to her and make her acquaintance, thereby starting a relationship. Ribbons and lace do not have a message that is nearly as strong as the first two – it only says …… Hey, I am interested in you and want to get to know you.

Cupid is always associated with love and in Latin, it means desire. Cupid carries with him an arrow to link the hearts of the lovers together.

So Cupid’s message is ….. You are the focus of my desire, and I want our hearts to be pierced by the same arrow so that we are linked together in love.

These birds are symbolic of long lasting love because they bond together for life and can not survive without each other. At one time it was believed that they chose their mate on February 14th, but that is not the case, however they symbolize loyalty, fidelity and love, and so their message is clear ….. I want you in my life and I want to be with you forever.

So my dear, as Valentine’s Day comes around, what message will you send? What gift will you give, and to whom? Will you give roses, chocolates or hearts? Or will you drop a handkerchief, shoot an arrow or find a pair of lovebirds? Well…. You should do whatever makes you happy!

My gift to you will be a wish that you celebrate love, that you find joy and happiness with those who make your heart skip and beat faster, that you let your spirit soar, and as always … you take care of yourself.

G ‘ma Trica.

Pat Wright, B.Sc., M.Ed. is an educator, community activist and diversity trainer with a keen interest in people, places and things. Pat has been the Toastmasters Area Governor and was recognized in the first "Who’s Who in Black Canada – 2002 edition”.