Honouring Ms. Rhoda Kargobai’s distinguished & admirable legacy!

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I wish to express heartfelt congratulations to my mom, Ms. Rhoda Kargobai, Director, Training and Development Directorate (Human Resource Management Office, Sierra Leone), for being the recent recipient of a prestigious Public Service award along with several other remarkable civil servants and leaders in Sierra Leone. The Certificate of Merit presented by the Government of Sierra Leone and the Ministry of Political and Public Affairs (June 26, 2015) was in recognition of outstanding contribution to the Public Service in Sierra Leone, in respect of the African Public Service Day celebration of the theme “The Role of Public Service in Women’s Empowerment, Innovations and Accessible Service Delivery”.

Though a humbling honour for my mom, it was one not entirely surprising to me, considering since childhood, I have observed my mom’s dedication to public service and always giving her utmost to any task she undertakes.

Truly my role model and source of inspiration, I aspire each day to live up to my full potential, by emulating her positive example of hard work.

Starting her career in the Sierra Leone Civil Service over 20 years ago, she has excelled in various leadership roles and Ministries including Health, Labour, Trade and Industry, Fisheries and currently as Director, Training and Capacity Development Directorate.

Words can never adequately express the depth of my admiration for my mom, whose beautiful spirit inside and out, coupled with her kind-heartedness, radiates a perpetual light that illuminates glowingly. She is the rock of our family, the joy in our hearts and the light of our lives. Her uplifting voice ignites our hearts with joy and never ceases to put a smile on our faces, even on the saddest of days.

Mom’s unwavering faith, courage and resilience in the face of adversity serve as an example to us each day. Her ability to overcome the toughest of life’s challenges is an inspiration to us all. Her ability to see the best in others and help us achieve our full potential is the reason we continue to aspire to greater heights.

She has taught us humility, respect for others and love for humanity, which are fundamental lessons that have shaped our lives and interactions. I love and appreciate her tremendously and wish her continued success, happiness and all of life’s richest blessings.

Congrats mom, my inspiration and role model! Love and admire you always.

Keep illuminating!

May-Marie is driven by passion and purpose to tirelessly promote social change, diversity, equity and women's empowerment in both her personal and professional endeavours.

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