Illuminessence commends Hillary Clinton!

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To the dismay of many democrats, liberal Americans and progressive-minded individuals around the world, Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election, despite winning the popular vote by over 127,000 votes.

Hillary Clinton couldn’t shatter the highest and hardest glass ceiling, which leaves many hearts shattered and hopes dashed. But now is not the time to give up, but to keep fighting for what is right. In her concession speech, she reminds us that,

“Fighting for what’s right is worth it.”!

We are extremely proud of Hillary Clinton for paving the way for women and girls to aspire for gender equality. The struggle does not end with her losing the election. We must continue to tread her path and complete the journey in her honour, and for many other fem-leaders who have tried to break glass ceilings and barriers in their professions, but lost.

I truly believe that in our lifetime, women will break glass ceilings in various professional realms, and especially the ultimate glass ceiling- the United States presidency. However, this will only be achieved through the sheer tenacity and valor of women, who are willing to continue fighting for what is right and fair.

Sincere thanks to Hillary Clinton for her extraordinary dedication to public service. She has made her mark and etched her name in history as an inspirational woman of strength, courage, poise, grace and remarkable brilliance. She will remain in the hearts and minds of many.

We will continue to build on her legacy of fighting for social justice and gender equality for our daughters and girls all around the world.

Keep illuminating.

May-Marie is driven by passion and purpose to tirelessly promote social change, diversity, equity and women's empowerment in both her personal and professional endeavours.

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