Illuminessence, we applaud you

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Grace Kargobai

Sophistication describes class, elegance and charisma.  Illuminessence is sophistication; Illuminessence caters to sophisticated women. The strength of Illuminessence is how it works to combine these admirable qualities in women. Today we celebrate our life, our achievements, our struggles and our unending perseverance to make this world a better place for women.

When a woman rises, the world becomes more fruitful. Education excels as a right other than a privilege. Our voices are not just heard, but they are acted upon. As we fight for this course, Illuminessence will continue to dedicate its time and, in turn, its influence will shine. Let us recognize this e-magazine as a voice for children yet unborn and also as a source to read about women who illuminate, celebrate and inspire.

Raise your voice and lift your head up high. Fly those banners and let it be told that women are part of the four corners of the world through which a foundation is built. Through these blocks our children will be taught by us  and by generations to come how to build strong and never-falling walls, thus making their futures brighter.

Let us shower Illuminessence with love and continually support its vision.

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