#IWD2017 Women’s Chronicles: Forgiveness Versus Ego

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When we forgive we stop feeling angry or resentful toward someone for an offence, a flaw, or a mistake. We become happier and free at heart. We let peace rein and thus joy comes freely unto us.
Ego, on the other hand is our sense of self-esteem or self-importance. Therefore in the process of wanting one to know how important we are, we see forgiveness as an impediment to achieving that.  We allow the negative to serve as a deterrent -EGO!
BUT, how do we forgive someone we have an intimate relationship with a million times over? Will it be safe to use that at a quantum to say we don’t love ourselves as we say we do? Or if we at all have love for each other, is it too shallow to allow forgiveness to win? How many times have you held back just because you felt too good to be the first to reach out?
It gets more puzzling to see how we find it difficult to forgive ourselves.  YET, we forgive the MEN we want equal rights with, a million times over.  Even when we claim they deprive us, yet we see them worthy of forgiveness.  Now I am not questioning that, but, I am only fact-checking our actions.
The way forgiveness and ego interplay each other in our relationship to our fellow women saddens me.
We all can’t be the same nor can we all react to things the same way.  But, we must learn to accommodate each other. Knowing when to let go is important. Accepting that we are all human is KEY.  We can’t keep preaching girl power or women’s empowerment if we continue to let EGO take centre stage in our lives. 
However, if we practice FORGIVENESS and see the GOOD in ourselves, we would break the glass ceiling together.
Thus as we celebrated “Us” yesterday with a theme “BeBoldForChange”, LET US ENDEAVOR TO BE BETTER AND SEEK OUT FOR EACH OTHER!
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Grace Kargobai is the Founder of Illuminating Ladies, a global network of Illuminessence ambassadors, facilitated on WhatsApp. She is a graduate of Njala University with a major in Environmental Management and Quality Control. Her hobbies are writing, talking, singing and dancing.

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