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So I skipped yesterday and automatically we don’t have a day four in these series.

I took a break. It was March 5! Last year made that day extremely important to me. It was the Illuminessence National Women Awards (INWA 2016) anniversary. Let us just say it was an Illuminating Ladies Day.

So more than any other day since the start of 2017, I went in to start a journey I have never done and in preparation of it, I had to spend the early morning of yesterday in the midst of like-minded people wanting to follow the same path to plan and mentally be in the zone.


The act of planning is preparation. The means to overcoming failure is faith over fear. I was thought that yesterday. It didn’t stop there. I also thought about ESTHER: the woman in the Bible. What is there to not learn from this woman, from her courage to her fearlessness and to her love for God. But most of all her attributes. One that surpasses all others for me was her EMPATHY towards her people or towards humanity, which in itself is a whole other conversation.

Before you judge me and quickly say I have transformed the series into a biblical narration, let me be the first to say “No” I haven’t. We’re still on track and today let us stick to the importance of us as women learning the act of planning.

When you plan you automatically are on the path of success. You have clearly separated yourself from failure. You have set in motion shock absorbers. You have started the journey of self-discovery into whatever you will be preparing for.

However, the question is how often do we plan? How often do we set goals? How often do we fact check our actions to know if it is inline with what we want to do?

Quite often, my fellow woman we do not. As they say “we act before we think” and one can only plan after thinking it through first.

So the failure is when we want to do it but do not think it through or talk less of thinking long term.

We want to get married. We want to have a baby. We want to own a business. We want it all.

Yet even on the day of our wedding we run an hour late. Yet even at the first cry of the baby, we are asking our mother why is she crying this much. Yet at the first business deal, we screw it up because we never even had had a business plan in the first place.

What happened to dressing up and being in church on time if you had planned well. What happened to asking your mother all those questions and reading and researching about first-born babies and motherhood and its ways (before you critic me, I know you obviously learned certain things only in your own experiences. But there is something called basics, which you will have known way before that baby came). What happened to seeking the help of a business expert to guiding you through writing a business plan which automatically gives you a fair shot as to levelling your expectations to the reality of what the business has been projected to bring in.

These random real life examples expose the little things we as women have taken for granted and feel are okay. After all, he sure should wait for me, it is my day. After all, my mum should know. After all, no successful person has not failed before in business.

Who said those are not true? Oh yes they are, but come to think of it, what have you changed in that pattern? What have you done differently? What have you improved?

The act of PLANNING doesn’t say you will NOT fail at all. However, it says you will reduce the chances DRASTICALLY through PREPARATION.


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Grace Kargobai is the Founder of Illuminating Ladies, a global network of Illuminessence ambassadors, facilitated on WhatsApp. She is a graduate of Njala University with a major in Environmental Management and Quality Control. Her hobbies are writing, talking, singing and dancing.

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