#IWD2017 Women’s Chronicles: RESPECT

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Every woman has someone she calls MOTHER. This ranges from the biological one or that one guardian whom has been there for her all her life.  We are raised to respect them. Honor them and do their bidding. 
As we grow older, we also become MOTHERS. Therefore it is one endless circle, from one generation to another. We start out as babies and evolve into girls, ladies and then become women.
In this process, we come across many of ourselves. Some become our sisters, some our friends, some our cousins, some our aunties and others become the identity of what we choose based on our relationship with them.
While we establish these relationships one thing that sustains anyone of them is RESPECT for each other.  It plays a fundamental role in our relationships. 
In as much as we know this fact, what do we do?  We take it for granted. We are so shallow minded sometimes. Just how we talk to each other and the words we use at each other is demeaning in itself.
Respect is a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.
So why call me your friend, sister, aunty, cousin or worse of mother and disrespect me? Is it that we know nothing at all? Is it that our brains never really access these things? Is it that we simply are against anything that can possibly improve our relationship with one another?
If you have to insult me when we have issues or when you feel a certain way about me, then please refrain from calling me the same title you called me after the fact.
Now I got us all right there. Because you and I have definitely been disrespectful to a fellow sister that one time. We have rained insults at each other. Embarrassed ourselves. 
Except you want to lie, but it never feels good after, especially when she happens to also be on the defence and gives you missiles of different shades of insult at anytime you fired one.
Girl that moment is no fun. Ya’ll be thinking how the hell did she know so much about me. Girl…she is mouthy. Way more than I had imagined. SHOTS FIRED….right there you both realise you just gave each other a bad day.
So why continue on this path when we sure know it causes us so much pain? 
Give respect so that you can get it too. Pay attention to how you relate to that fellow sister. Words like “Thank you” “I am Sorry” “Please” makes a whole lot of difference.
 Likewise, as we make efforts to be more respectful to one another, don’t forget that if she is not respectful to you, is not a yardstick for you to not be to her. 
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Grace Kargobai is the Founder of Illuminating Ladies, a global network of Illuminessence ambassadors, facilitated on WhatsApp. She is a graduate of Njala University with a major in Environmental Management and Quality Control. Her hobbies are writing, talking, singing and dancing.

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