Laura Babcock’s advice to women: “embrace power in all spheres”

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Laura Babcock has never had hesitancy in expressing her opinion. But when she does share her opinions, she acknowledges that she feels “privileged” doing so, especially in a society where women may have harsher consequences when they speak their minds. Growing up in a religious home with two older sisters, Babcock learned early to speak up and express her views and opinions.

“I just wanted to talk”.

It is crucial for women to express their concerns. And Babcock feels privileged doing so (Photo by: Alyssa Lai/Illuminessence)

It is crucial for women to express their concerns. And Babcock feels privileged doing so (Photo by: Alyssa Lai/Illuminessence)

Media Success

Babcock’s aspirations have come to fruition. She has created a strong professional reputation as a communications expert, strategist as well as a television current affairs pundit offering PR expertise nationally on CTV and current affairs analysis weekly on the O Show on Cable 14.

While she lends her expertise to various organizations, Babcock is also the Owner and President of POWERGROUP Communications, a national PR, marketing and video production firm, Modern Funerals Inc., a marketing company for independently owned funeral homes, and Laura Babcock Strategic Communications, a training and facilitation firm. Before, Babcock was a television reporter for CBC, the Executive Director of the Oakville Chamber of Commerce and has taught integrated marketing and communications at McMaster University.

A turning point in Babcock’s career came after a back injury to her spine at age 24. She spent months recovering and later resumed work advocating for safe communities, where she learned a lot about bringing people with points of view together. It offered her the experience needed for her work in the media field.


A media and communications pro, Babcock is always one for bringing people voices together (Photo by: Alyssa Lai/Illuminessence)

Innovative and forward-thinking

Today, Babcock is a highly accomplished media professional.

“I feel super-blessed and at a point of self-actualization and knowing who I am”.

Since childhood, she has always been a leader and successful at most of her undertakings. Babcock describes herself as “a person of great extremes” and reflects on her life as “one of peaks and valleys”. Always innovative and forward thinking, Babcock now seeks to fill a gap in the funeral service sector by establishing Modern Funerals Inc., a full service communications firm for funeral homes offering marketing, training, video production and public relations.

In 2011, Babcock launched her weekly podcast, Chats from the Lair, where she interviews local media professionals, politicians, business leaders, performers and activists about what they were doing, what makes them tick and what motivated them to actually be in the arena. Babcock recently aired her latest narrative Tipping Point on Cable 14, which had 43 Hamiltonians from diverse backgrounds and expertise answering the question, “Has Hamilton reached a tipping point?” The 26-minute documentary had sparked many passionate conversations about Hamilton, so much so that Babcock recently gathered many more movers and shakers in the city to add their voices in the second installation of the documentary, TIP 2.

Power is the root of empowerment, says Laura Babcock (Photo by: Alyssa Lai/Illuminessence)

Power is the root of empowerment, says Laura Babcock (Photo by: Alyssa Lai/Illuminessence)

A meaningful life with family and friends

Aside from being a mom, which Babcock describes as her “favorite thing in the world”, she loves hanging out with friends at a pub sharing a good laugh and celebrating life. She loves to indulge in long lunches with an afternoon drink, favorites being Champagne and Smirnoff ice. This can be attested by the trendy and fully stocked bar at her office, where her guests and clients can relax and indulge. Babcock also credits her partner for being the creative genius who drives her success and equally recognizes the strong women in her life including her mother and sisters for inspiring her every day.

Embracing power

Babcock boldly states that she is motivated by power, which she views as “the root of empowerment”. Babcock reaffirms that it is essential for women to strive to be powerful. As such, Babcock understands the fundamental essence of being powerful.

“Power allows me to do more every day and doors open for me. It also accords me great friends with various spheres of influence.”

In a society where women face more consequences for being opinionated, it certainly takes a uniquely strong, fierce, bold and empowered woman to express her opinions, with a no holds barred attitude and Laura Babcock is certainly one such woman. Her strong voice has not gone unnoticed; Babcock was recently awarded the YWCA 2013 Women of Distinction Award for Public Affairs, due to her contributions and achievements in media and communications.

Advice for young fem-leaders

Tip for success

Make yourself irreplaceable.

Maintaining work/life balance

Celebrate life. Work hard, but not too hard.

On social responsibility

Volunteer. To whom much is given, much is expected. We have to keep the voices in the conversation and keep needs in the limelight.

On women and power

Women should embrace power in all spheres including financial, civic, political, media. Power is a muscle, use it. The ability to exude power is important. You have to know where and what your power is and use it. If we are not leveraging our power, our children are not getting that example.

On self-employment

There is a tremendous sense of freedom in paying your own paycheck. Being self-employed enables freedom and the ability to control your time. Financial freedom gives you the freedom to do anything.

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