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March 8 2013

Oh my dear daughter,

It was so nice talking with you yesterday. Too bad we couldn’t speak for very long because Cee Cee had that ear infection and was crying. I know how hard it must be with the kids, the new job and the long commute. However, hang in there,  my dear,  things will get better.

The other day I was surfing on the net, you know me, always poking around, I found a really neat site for an e-magazine called Illuminessence.  I also came across a very interesting journal  called the McKinsey Quarterly, they had a great article called Centered Leadership – How Talented Women Thrive. And I said … Bingo, I have to tell you about both of these,  ’cause I know that you are twisting yourself into a pretzel trying to get everything done.

It seems that McKinsey conducted research on women leaders, and they uncovered secrets of successful women leaders. They found five secrets – great stuff! They found how important “meaning” is.  You know, it seems that we should find meaning in what we do, love what we do, have fun with it and enjoy our life.  Because, when we do that, meaning will motivate us to be successful. Otherwise, work would be a drudge.

They spoke about energy and energy flow. Just think about how tired you get sometimes and how I nag you to take those multi- vitamins. Well, that is not enough, not even that work/ life balance you are trying to get. What you really need is to control your energy flow, do those things to fill your tank back up, and manage to take some time – every day, for yourself.  They also advised that we try at all times to be optimistic and place, even the most difficult things,  in a positive frame – so that we remain aware of ourselves, our needs, and those activities that restore and balance our energy.

They suggested two other things, and that is to “connect” and to “engage”. Oh I know you will say that women are natural connectors, we are!  yes, we do help each other.  But, we do not do well is tell our stories very well, nor do we take credit for our accomplishments – we listen , but we don’t speak out, we do not ” toot our own horn”‘ and we certainly have not yet learnt to seize opportunity, even if it is not too risky.

Those are the secrets they talked about, and to those secrets, I  would add one more, and that is  ……. LOVE.  We need to love who we are, we need to love what we do, we need to love where we are in our lives and use that love to inspire us to achieve the greatness within us.

Oh my, just look at the time.  I have to go, but it is great sending you these few lines.

So,  let your spirit soar, and as always … take care of yourself.

G’ma Trica

Pat Wright, B.Sc., M.Ed. is an educator, community activist and diversity trainer with a keen interest in people, places and things. Pat has been the Toastmasters Area Governor and was recognized in the first "Who’s Who in Black Canada – 2002 edition”.


  1. pathcci@gmail.com'


    March 10, 2013 at 6:57 pm

    Thank you

  2. Sharingtheknowledge1@icloud.com'

    Liliana Figueredo

    March 9, 2013 at 12:52 pm


    i love your letter and made me think on my mom and what she had to say, my daughter and what she has gone through and me, and what I heard from the first and said to the second. Thank you for sharing your inspiration and your wisdon with the women of the world. Topics… many, my choice, how to take care of our emotional health, how to learn to analize events in our life and laugh, or cry, or vent, and the let go without allowing anyone, or anything to doubth our self value.



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