Open your heart to everyone this holiday season!

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As you enjoy special moments with family, friends and loved ones this holiday season, be sure to make it a heartfelt moment. Make this holiday season a heartfelt moment to remember. A moment of reflection, appreciation and perspective on what matters most to you…the people, things and aspects of your life that hold most significance. These are what we tend to often take for granted.

Show your loved ones that you love and appreciate them. Express your gratitude as affectionately as you can, because these moments are priceless.

Most importantly, open your heart to everyone this holiday season and spread a little holiday cheer. Let the differences that separate us, become bridges to unity.

Give a card, cookies, chocolate, poinsettas or special gift to a neighbour, colleague or stranger. It may just make their day, week or year! Sometimes that is all it takes to inspire courage, hope and faith in each other.

In so doing, we may be reassured of goodness in humanity and reason to hope for a brighter future.

It may have been a great year for you while others may have had a tumultuous or sad year and vice versa. Globally it was a memorable year marred by wars, incidents of terror, chaos, hate, division, symbolic elections and economic meltdowns. Whatever the circumstance, it is important to think of what the holidays symbolize…hope, peace, joy and love.

Let’s open our hearts and do what we can for one another and maybe, just maybe, there may be peace on earth someday.

Happy Holidays and best wishes in the New Year!!!

May-Marie is driven by passion and purpose to tirelessly promote social change, diversity, equity and women's empowerment in both her personal and professional endeavours.

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