Parisa Nadimkhah’s healthy passion for business

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Parisa Nadimkhah considers herself to be her greatest competitor. While at work, study or play, she acts as a self-motivator to continually strive to be better. As she reaches her personal and professional goals, Nadimkhah remembers the importance of remaining humble – a value instilled in her by her grandfather.

When Nadimkhah was two years old, her parents made the decision to move from Iran to Canada.  She recalls her greatest challenge as a child was learning to switch between speaking Farsi or English depending on her setting.

It was through a will to succeed, curiosity and a passion for learning that motivated her parents to become established professionals and in turn, shaped Nadimkhah as a person.  She values her family above all else.  Although she considers her family non-traditional by Middle-Eastern standards, she continues to celebrate her roots through Persian food, music and history.

Parisa Nadimkhah credits her success to her parents' sacrifices- Photo: supplied by Parisa Nadimkhah

Parisa Nadimkhah credits her success to her parents’ sacrifices. Photo: supplied by Parisa Nadimkhah


Professional Pursuits

Nadimkhah is currently the Co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing for DeGroote Women in Business (DWIB). DWIB’s mandate is to provide a platform to engage, motivate and empower female business students.

Along with the executive board of DWIB, Nadimkhah has the challenge of setting the culture, values and foundation of the group.  When asked how she faces being a double minority in the highly male dominant field of business, she stated,

“I don’t see [incidents of discrimination] as obstacles, but more as opportunities. I’ve always used my culture as a way of educating those around me…I don’t notice it because it’s my life.”

Founding Executive of DeGroote Women in Business. From Left to right: Setareh Rahimian, Stephanie Novielli, Parisa Nadimkhah, Joy Baldovino- Photo: supplied by Parisa Nadimkhah

Founding Executive of DeGroote Women in Business. From Left to right: Setareh Rahimian, Stephanie Novielli, Parisa Nadimkhah, Joy Baldovino. Photo: supplied by Parisa Nadimkhah

Nadimkhah’s passion for business stemmed from her time in high school, when she served as the President of DECA,Canada’s largest youth business organization, and a member of Business Heroes an initiative of DeGroote School of Businesses, which aims to educate and connect high school students to the business world. By gaining a general knowledge base of finance, accounting, data information, business etiquette and presentation and networking skills, Nadimkhah knows she could use those skills in any field.

At McMaster, Nadimkhah continued to feed her passion for business, working as a Marketing Intern at the Centre for Continuing Education while pursuing an Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree. In that role, she left her mark with the creation and implementation of a webinar system to assist in online information sessions.

Fresh, Fit and Fabulous

Nadimkhah maintains a balance between work and leisure by keeping an eye on health and fitness. It is not only key to remain organized, she says. But one also needs be protective of time and spend it in meaningful ways.

Parisa's healthy recipes- Mango lime cilantro quinoa- Photo: culled from

Parisa’s healthy recipes- Mango lime cilantro quinoa- Photo:

Nadimkhah recently started a healthy active living blog, “Fresh, Fit, Fabulous” on which she posts exercise tips, workout routines and recipes.

Her goal is to inspire and motivate others to make healthier choices. In the future, Nadimkhah looks to unite her passions for business and healthy living by opening up her own healthy living consulting service.

Raw rainbow wrap- Photo culled from

Raw rainbow wrap- Photo:

Avid Volunteer

In addition to her professional life, Nadimkhah volunteers with the Hamilton Youth Centre as a mentor. As a mentor, she works with students from diverse backgrounds and different learning styles. She understands the importance of encouraging youth to seek their full potential and providing them with a positive influence. However, Nadimkhah refrains from using the term and referring to herself as “role-model” since she continues to assess her own professional development as a “work in progress”.

Emerging Young-Fem Leader

When asked how she would describe an emerging female leader of the 21st Century, Nadimkhah responded,

“She doesn’t compromise her values for anything or anyone. She approaches everything with enthusiasm, an open mind and can adapt to all situations. She makes the most of any situation and appreciates what each new encounter brings. Above all, she accepts herself for who she is and uses her strengths to see potential in others and empower those around her”.

Given her professional accomplishments and community involvement, she is that female.

Laura is a University of Guelph alumna with an Honors Degree in Theatre Studies. She is interested in attempting to understand and express life through art.