Fempreneur Makini Smith defies the odds and fabulously succeeds in stilettos

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Entrepreneur, realtor and author, Makini Smith has defied the odds and attained enviable success, all while strutting in her stilettos. Her obsession with stilettos and the metaphor of an elevated foundation inspired the theme for her book “A Walk in my Stilettos” and growing brand.

Smith, a single mother of 3, is also a well-respected motivational speaker and mentor within her community. In 2015, she was recognized as one of the 100 Black women to watch in Canada, by the Canada International Black Women Event (CIBWE). Smith has been featured on numerous media platforms including CBC TV, Rogers, Vibe 105.5 and more for her wealth of knowledge and life experiences including teen motherhood, divorce, relationships, single parenthood, entrepreneurship and more.

In this candid interview with Illuminessence, we get to learn more about Makini Smith and her inspiring journey to success!

What motivated you to become a real estate agent and author?

I began my real estate career at the same time as I filed for my divorce. I was a stay at home mother and needed a career that allowed the flexibility I needed to be there for my kids, with unlimited income potential. I loved looking at home decor and  model homes. I had considered interior design in the past but real estate made more sense at the time. After leaving my ex-husband, I was a part of a Women’s group and the women said my story was helpful and encouraging. I wanted a way to make a bigger impact. Instead of sharing one to one, writing a book allowed me to share one to many. I was always better at expressing my feelings through writing. The more I healed from my pain, the more I wanted to help heal others with my words.

Realtor, Author & Motivational Speaker, Makini Smith- (Photo courtesy of Makini Smith)

Realtor, Author & Motivational Speaker, Makini Smith- (Photo courtesy of Makini Smith)

What are your career highlights?

My first year in real estate, I didn’t make any money but continued to consistently help and serve. The hard work paid off and I hit award levels by the end of that year. The second year, I only worked half the year because my sister’s passing took a huge toll on me but yet I was able to hit award levels again. Shortly before my first book (A Walk in my Stilettos: How to get through the struggle with grace) was released, I connected with world renowned thought-leader and best-selling author, Bob Proctor. His wife wrote the foreword for my first book. I was blessed to be mentored hands on, by the Proctors. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many international greats and traveling to speak to crowds all over North America. Being sought out for TV, radio, and print media has been a humbling experience.

What inspires you to strive for success?

My children are the main reason I strive for success. I want to give them a life that wasn’t given to me, to leave a legacy for them to continue. They are my ‘Why‘. I also want to change and affect lives. I enjoy what I do so I turned my passion into my pay cheque. I was blessed with a gift to share with others. Our gifts make room for us. 

Fempreneur Makini Smith is inspired to succeed for her kids- (Photo courtesy of Makini Smith)

Fempreneur Makini Smith is inspired to succeed for her kids- (Photo courtesy of Makini Smith)

How would you define the phrase, ‘an empowered woman’?

An empowered woman is one that is increasing in spiritual, social and economic strength to better herself and those around her.

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