Rose Adusei surviving against the odds.

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When thinking about cancer, the first thought that comes to mind, for myself and most women is breast cancer. Although I have never experienced nor known anyone personally impacted by cancer, I have a lot of friends who have loved ones that have battled the disease.

On my hunt to learn more about cancer and the types that exist, I came across a remarkable young lady on a journey for the fight of her life. I’d like to introduce you to Rose Adusei, who for the past two years has been battling cancer. We had a lovely conversation about her road to recovery and all of the difficulties and triumphs she has experienced.

“This is my life to live and I know I will survive. So I want the healthiest way humanly possible”

When and how did you find out you had cancer?

It was 2013 and it was a typical day at a friend’s house. While I was sitting on the couch I felt an abnormal pain in my armpit. I am very in tuned with my body, so feeling this striking discomfort I knew something was wrong. I initially went to a Hamilton walk-in clinic and the doctor thought nothing of it. So naturally he recommended antibiotics which made me feel worse. I went to tell him and he asked if I had a history of cancer in my family. I said not that I knew of. My intuition kicked in and I called my dad right away and described everything to him. He immediately told me to come home in London, Ontario. We went to our long time family doctor and with a biopsy, they were able to determine that indeed I had cancer.

Rose Adusei- (Photo courtesy of Rose Adusei)

Rose Adusei- (Photo courtesy of Rose Adusei)

What type of cancer do you have and what steps did you take?

The type of cancer I have is Lymphoma and due to how aggressive it is initially, I was told by medical doctors that I only had a few months to a year to live. The steps I took and continue to take are my own. I strongly believe in the holistic route and try not to undergo chemotherapy. This is my life to live and I know I will survive so I want the healthiest way humanly possible. While my doctor focuses on oncology, I center all of my energy on my diet. For instance, I do not consume any excess sugars or processed food, but instead eat raw/clean, take different vitamins supplements and herbs (herbal tea). I am still learning and I have found a great doctor and although he doesn’t approve my methods, I am comfortable with him and understands my needs.

Lymphoma is a form of cancer that affects the immune system – specifically, it is a cancer of immune cells called lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell.

As a family, what were the positive thoughts set in place?

My family and I believe in the power of God. My father is a minister and instilled in me at a young age that the miracles of Christ is powerful. Don’t get me wrong in the beginning when the impacts of the cancer were shrinking me in size and the pain I endured was my rock bottom, I was extremely down and borderline about to give up trying. I kept crippling myself and went through a depression. But because I have positive family and friends who love me, they are who keep my spirits up. What saved me and continues to keep me going is my faith in God and will help me heal myself.

Rose and her father John Adusei- (Photo courtesy of Rose Adusei)

Rose and her father John Adusei- (Photo courtesy of Rose Adusei)

What are your hopes or fears (if any) for the future?

I most definitely don’t have any fears especially for death. I have worries about the pain to a healthy recovery. My hopes are simple and are achievable. Once I have collected enough funds, I’d like to attend Dr. Sebi healing village to remove heavy toxins, treat good cells, heal my body and strengthen my immune system. My goals are finishing school, and like any girl get married, have kids, continue my path with natural remedies, prayer, give and receive love from my family and friends.

Cancer is not my final destination it’s just a detour to what’s to come.

I hope you are all inspired and touched by Rose’s story, I sure am. Please if you have not done so already, join her journey towards health. Follow her on social media as she gives more insight into her life. If you would like to donate, please visit her website , subscribe to her YouTube channel and follow her on Facebook.

*The entire Illuminessence team wishes Rose all the best and join her in prayer and fortitude on her journey to recovery.

Born in Uganda and raised in Rwanda until the age of five, Rachel had lived in more than five countries before the age of ten. She is currently a second year student at McMaster University majoring in social sciences and wishes to pursue a career in criminal law.

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