Simitie Lavaly-Zorokong’s unflinching dedication to human rights & social justice

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Simitie Lavaly Zorokong has made a distinguished mark within the legal, human rights and social justice realm in Sierra Leone. She is the Executive Director of AdvocAid and President of LAWYERS (Legal Access through Women Yearning for Equality Rights and Social Justice), an association of female lawyers in Sierra Leone.

Despite being in a position to practice privately or work with international organizations, Ms. Simitie Lavaly Zorokong has worked selflessly with Advocaid since 2009 and represented several women on death row, 3 of whom have been freed due to successful appeals. She also took on the appeal of the longest serving man on death row on a Pro Bono basis and he was later acquitted and discharged after 13 years in detention.

Reaching out to support vulnerable women is evidently something close to her heart.

She spends her spare time providing legal aid to women and children affected by sexual and gender-based violence. It is evident that Ms. Simitie Lavaly Zorokong is dedicated to justice through her efforts to seek justice for women and innocent victims. 

Simitie Lavaly-Zorokong at the Illuminessence National Women Awards, March 5, 2016- (Photo/Illuminessencemag)

Simitie Lavaly-Zorokong at the Illuminessence National Women Awards, March 5, 2016- (Photo/Illuminessencemag)

On March 5, 2016, Illuminessence presented Simitie Lavaly Zorokong with the Human Rights and Social Justice Award at the Illuminessence National Women Awards.

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