Spotlighting Fashion Designer Merike Laigna

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Fashion Designer Merike Laigna during Hamilton Fashion Week 2017. She is the owner of Jeffery Bridal by Merike located at 544 upper James street in Hamilton.

Photo courtesy of Merike Laigna

Merike Laigna is a skilled designer who graduated with honours and acquired a diploma in tailoring and footwear. The experienced Fashion Designer shared her core beliefs and tips of the trade which are “have faith and be open, honest and professional. Designing and hand making a piece of clothing is an art in its own sense. Therefore, it is suitable for those clients who understand and desire the personal touch, uniqueness and devotion that is built into each and every clothing item that is made by the very own hands of the designer”.

Merike Laigna, Fashion Designer and Owner of Jeffery Designs by Merike

Below is more of my insightful interview with Merike Laigna!

Can you share with our readers what pinnacle point in your early years directed your focus towards fashion and elaborate on your experiences especially in the early years?

I became a stay at home mom and wife at age 19. With plenty of time at hand, I kept my sewing machine humming and became a family dressmaker creating every imaginable piece of clothing for every family member. For a year and a half, I had an opportunity to live and work in Rome. While absorbing the beauty of fine fashion, design and fabrics, I had an exceptional chance to hone my sewing and language skills by working as an in-house dressmaker for a wealthy family. In late 1991, a unique immigration opportunity landed me in Toronto, Canada where I wasted no time finding a job in the fashion district. For 8 successful years, I was in charge for creating countless outfits for demanding Forest Hill neighbourhood clientele, participated in numerous fashion shows and was featured in Toronto’s Breakfast Television!

Photo courtesy of Merike Laigna

Can you tell us what inspires you when you are at the brainstorming level before you start sketching?

Brainstorming: I listen to my client’s expectations and desires to evoke a picture in my head that can be transformed into a sketch.

Tell us what struggles and victories you have had throughout your career within the Fashion Industry?

Struggles would be cheap designs from abroad. The market has been flooded with cheap replicas of high fashion and wearable art, whereas, the value in wearable art and the uniqueness has been discounted because of this. It is a hard road to re-educate consumers in the opposite. Victories are ever evolving digital exposure. There’s more ways to get your name and product out in front of the
consumer in a more immediate and personable manner.

Photo courtesy of Merike Laigna

Can you tell us your top 3 life lessons that have propelled you to success?

Top 3 lessons:
Practice makes perfect.
Confidence is half the battle.
Be ready for successes.

How has your family or friends encouraged you on your path to a career in Fashion Design?

My designing started with my family. They are happy and confident and proud of where I am today.

What is your vision for the next 5 years?

I’m in process of fine-tuning my convertible wedding dresses collection and hoping to get it into production.

Photo courtesy of Merike Laigna

What are your favourite fabrics to work with when you design? And why?

Classic fabrics…satin taffeta chiffon jersey, these are foolproof and durable and tailorable and suitable for almost every design.

What advice would you offer anyone who wants to become a Fashion Designer?

Love it with all your heart and soul or don’t even get started.

Where can our readers purchase your clothing? Will your online website have your full line of clothing available for purchase?

To purchase, you need to visit my boutique Jeffery Bridal by Merike at 544 upper James street in Hamilton

Click on the video clip below to see more of Merike’s designs which strutted down the runway at Hamilton Fashion Week!

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