Spring Cleaning

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My dear daughter

As I sit here looking at sunbeams dancing happily through the window, I am reminded that spring is here. I relish the thought that spring entices us with visions of new beginnings, new growth and rebirth. I am resolved to grab the opportunity that spring offers: make room in my life to let the sunshine in, and do some spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning starts when we throw out post-winter residues that may have cluttered the corners of our homes. It continues as we clean away dead leaves from plants in the garden; to help new growth slowly thaw in the warming sun and open their flower buds after a long winter’s nap. But, more importantly, it culminates when we take control of ourselves and get our hearts, minds and souls ready for a spring reawakening.

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and powerless to move forward and grow, as if we were a tiny crocus weighed down by a cold blanket of snow.

Spring cleaning our minds allows us to awake from under the snow and take control of the circumstances of our lives. We warm ourselves with the knowledge of who we are, we build a pathway from self-doubt to hope, and open our petals of a flowering spirit.

Our mind is a remarkable and essential aspect of our being. It helps us analyze who we are and the circumstances within which we find ourselves. It helps us understand why we do what we do. It guides us to take control of our goals and forge a way forward.

To achieve our goals however; we must spring-clean our minds, and in the words of Bob Marley, … “emancipate ourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.”

We must sweep away negative cobwebs of self-doubt that reside in the recesses of our mind, and use a process of self-reflection to understand our values & strengths and take control of who we are. In the same way that plants in our garden thrive when they are provided with proper sunlight and nutrients from the soil.

Our minds will also thrive when it is filled with positive energy and rooted in a “nutritious soil”. The “nutritious soil” that supports our mind is fertilized by learning, information and knowledge. It is watered by the engagement of family and friends and is oxygenated by the joy of living.

We take care of ourselves, when we seek help from allies and friends, and build healthy bodies and healthy minds. When we take care of ourselves, we liberate ourselves from mental slavery.

If we have a purposeful life that finds the good that is in everything and everyone; our tiny ‘buds’ that were dormant beneath the blanket of snow will open to the light, and bloom a fragrant flower. The energy that is created inside us shines through and we think positively about who we are and what we do. We control our destiny and become the powerhouse we are intended to be.

And so my dear, at this dawning of spring, I want you to do your spring cleaning with confidence, walk tall with self assurance, hold yourself high and strong, and as always – take care of yourself.

G’ama Trica

Pat Wright, B.Sc., M.Ed. is an educator, community activist and diversity trainer with a keen interest in people, places and things. Pat has been the Toastmasters Area Governor and was recognized in the first "Who’s Who in Black Canada – 2002 edition”.

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