The colours of a woman

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A woman has many colours that represent different feelings and moments.

I’ll explain some today.

Yellow is a colour that overall expresses the sentiment of joy as we know it. But for a woman it defines more of conquering something great and also fulfillment.

When we think of the green, it reminds us of nature, which is pretty close to the meaning for a woman. For a woman green exemplifies serenity and cleanliness.

Purple is a colour that many woman love. I think it is because it portrays many different emotions. For example strength and dignity or friendship.

Red is a colour which represents love and anger- two very contradicting things, but not quite so actually. For example. Love is about all things sweet and delicate, but at times it can be very bittersweet and difficult to understand. On the other hand, anger is naturally frustrating and doesn’t communicate well. But sometimes, it can be a sweet anger- the kind that gets you mad at someone’s actions because you love them. So they kind of coincide.

Blue is a colour of serenity when it comes to women, because depending on its shade, it is calming like the waves of the ocean and bright like the daylight sky. It also represents cleanliness because it reminds us of the water that cleans your inner self.

Orange expresses enthusiasm and encouragement because it is such a bright and happy colour (depending on the shade). It always lifts a woman’s spirit.

Marie-Paul Duwai-Sowa is the author of MP's Zone, a column to inspire tweens and teens. She loves to write, read, draw and spend time with her family.

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