The White Ribbon Conference presents: “What Makes A Man 2014” featuring Terry Crews

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Friday, November 21st and 22nd marks “What Makes A Man 2014: the White Ribbon Conference“. Hosting the Conference is Britta B, keynote motivational speaker, poet and workshop facilitator, and Jeff Perera, Community Engagement Manager of White Ribbon.

Seeking to end violence against women and girls, White Ribbon is the largest movement of men and boys of its kind. The Campaign seeks to redefine masculinity as that which represents “the best qualities of being human”. Through a variety of unique tools and strategies, White Ribbon challenges conventional definitions and understandings of masculinity through education, awareness and outreach – to name just a few.

The Conference (WMAM for short), is a discussion-focused event exploring how ideas of manhood impact us in everyday life. It seeks to inspire men to embrace roles they can play from the boardroom, to the living room and to the locker room towards change. Each discussion will explore different themes with one to three speakers delivering a brief talk followed by related conversation facilitated by a moderator. There will be two-way conversation in both the physical space and with the online audience from across the continent. Day one will be spent at the Alumnae Theatre and day two will take place at the Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto.

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Conference keynote speaker and special guest is Terry Crews, former NFL player, actor and author of ‘Manhood’, a wise and warmhearted memoir chronicling his lifelong quest to become a good man, loving husband, and responsible father. With the purchase of a VIP all-access pass guests will have the chance to meet and greet with Terry Crews in which the actor, former NFL player and now-author will be signing copies of his book Manhood.

“What Makes A Man 2014 gives us a chance to create space to have the conversations we are hungry to have,”

says Perera.

Anticipating the event, Perera confides that what makes WMAM significant is not just its lineup of amazing speakers but the fact that “it’s a discussion focused event … [the audience] becomes part of discussion with the speakers.”

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But Perera stresses that WMAM 2014, at its crux, is about creating more Maps to Manhood:

“for too many men and boys, we don’t have role models or people we can ask questions like ‘how do I approach someone I like?’.”

Such questions will be addressed at the Conference.

If you can’t attend the event in person don’t worry – it will be streaming live online across Canada in which both in-person and online audiences will be able to participate equally in discussions.

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