Zumba is still my caliente!

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Since 2001, women all across the world have been dancing their way to healthy hearts, smaller waist lines and tighter butts.  Thanks to Zumba, a masterful medley of Latin moves.  Zumba is now over 60,000 instructors strong.  It has blossomed into several different specialty classes like Zumbatomic (for kids), Zumba Gold (for seniors), Zumba Toning (with weights) and the latest, Zumba Sentao where a chair is your dance partner. Even with all of these different options, I still catch people saying they don’t do Zumba because they “can’t dance” or “have no rhythm”.  But there is always at least one rhythm to which you can groove.

Let’s break down some of the styles: Samba and salsa are for those who just “get it”; they are the most physically and musically challenging, cumbia and bachata are for the more laid back kind of dancer, reggaeton makes the hip hop crowd bump, while cardio lovers enjoy the faster-paced quebradita and merengue. Tango slowly and sensually taps into your inner drama queen while Soca makes you yearn for Caribana (and a towel to wipe off all that sweat!!).

It usually takes about 4 to 6 classes to learn the basic steps and yes, at some point, the entire class will be moving right while you’re moving left but that’s part of the fun! Be patient, laugh at yourself and enjoy the party!

Visit www.zumba.com to find a licensed Zumba Instructor and/or classes in your area.


Wendy currently works as a freelance writer/videographer and fitness instructor.

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